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Here at Bilingual Learner, you'll find various lessons, counseling session guides, curriculum guides, activities, games, songs, assessments, and data tracking tools that are especially suited for both English speaking and non English speaking learners.  We also have a blog addressing issues facing the world these days, as well as helpful tips and links to enhance your teaching and counseling- please comment, we'd love to hear your ideas, too!

Click on the Products tab for a brief explanation of the types of ESL/bilingual teaching and counseling products we have here and how they can help you minimize your planning and searching time, so you can maximize your counseling and teaching! Our products are available in both English and Spanish.

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Try out a few samples of our bilingual/ESL education and counseling products below on this page to see if you like what we're all about...if so, you can find the full product on our Products Page.  And there's even MORE free stuff on the Resources Page.  Happy downloading!

**If you'd like to view, save, copy, or print the samples below, just click on the image of the sample/s you want.  We will then send you to our Google Docs site so you can request your sample/s from our Bilingual Learner Google Docs account- your request will prompt us to send your free item/s right out to you! 


Valentine Video Clip Activity

This activity is really helpful in engaging students because it gives them something new and interesting  on which to practice or apply their newly learned language concepts.  Plus, who doesn't love valentines in the ESL/EFL classroom?  Check out the student-penned love note that a colleague found at our school years ago!






Yearly School Counseling Curriculum & Weekly Schedule!

There's a lot of interest these days in templates for school counselor curriculum/calendars as well as templates for a weekly/daily schedule that is based on the American School Counselors Association model.  So,we'd like to offer ours up!  Click on the door image with our state mandated counseling code to see the counseling curricular calendar.  Click on the red sign to see the weekly/daily schedule template.  Happy Planning!




Weekly/Monthly Counseling Reports

This data tool will help you show your administrators exactly what it is you do all day as you spin from one (or 10!) student/s to another!  Here is a template that allows you to make quick tallies to show 15 minute increments of your time, and then total it all up once per month- Excel even lets you show it in neat pie charts.  *FYI- Google Docs wouldn't let us put our pie charts into the template, so click the Facebook icon at the bottom right side of this screen and message us through our FB page if you'd like to receive the pie charts, too.



Group Guidance and Lesson Data Tools

These handy products show you how to make pre and posttests for your counseling groups and/or guidance lessons and then turn them into hard and fast data graphs to show the awesome progress your students are making!



No Zeroes Game

Do you work with underachieving students or clients?   If so, this game is right up your alley!  The No Zeroes Race is a fun and positive way to help students monitor and decrease their zeroes in the gradebook!   To motivate your students to decrease their missing assignments that earn them zeroes in the gradebook, fill in the No Zeroes Racetrack each session that you meet with students. 





Alphabet & Number Vocabulary Cards with Activities

For beginning ESL learners, the English alphabet and numbers can be challenging.  Make learning fun with these cards that have the letters of the alphabet on one side and numbers on the other side. Students get their own cards and practice pronouncing the squares of the card.  We do this each day at the beginning of the lesson for ten to twenty minutes, saying all the letters/sounds of the alphabet and then turning the card over and repeating with the numbers in sets of ten.  Click on the image to the right to get your cards and some alphabet/number activities to do with your students!



Contractions Structure

In case you haven't yet taught contractions, here is an outstanding structure chart to incorporate into your English language lessons.  Consider including grammar structures into fun activities such as field trips or art projects to help students with retention and motivation. 








Teamwork Guidance Lesson

Check out this lesson that uses the amazing picture-book-with-a-shocking-twist, The Wretched Stone.  Your students of any age group will be captivated by this story!  Celebrate team work with fun activities combined with a lively discussion about the hidden meaning in the story.  Happy Reading!