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We have lots of interesting tidbits to share today so let’s just jump right into it!  Our post today will feature some of the latest resources we’ve come across this spring in the ESL/EFL and counseling worlds…summer English activities, Memorial Day lessons and other cultural resources, suicide prevention, and LGBT awareness.  More on all this in a bit, but first, let’s start with some updates.

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  • Get ready for our latest counseling guides, Stress Blasters and Get Your Goal On!  These 2 books on antianxiety techniques and academic achievement strategies are starting production as soon as we begin our summer break in June.  Look for updates, free preview downloadables, and ordering details on our website or FB page below!
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  • We are continuing to churn out our newest teaching guide, ESL in the Middle: Lessons Guide for Teaching Intermediate Students.  A sneak peek and freebie downloadable from this intermediate ESL/EFL teaching guide is now available on the left side of our homepage!



As happens every year in May, schools are gearing up to work with Newcomer students over the summer to give them that extra push into language that will help propel them along for the next school year.  In researching some of our own summer-themed ESL/EFL activities for the latest guide we are writing, ESL in the Middle, we’ve found and created some fun and free summer-themed ESL/EFL activities below that you can use with your ELL or Newcomer students.  In addition, we came across the most amazing set of maps of the English-speaking world and culturePlus, the map explanations sum up our reasoning behind writing the Bilingual Learner Culture Explorer guides where students can learn about and experience various aspects of the "English-speaking culture."





A sad but very frequent reality that counselors have to deal with is suicide prevention.  Suicidal Ideation (thinking about, considering, or planning for suicide) is something every counselor will come into contact with as they treat their students/clients.  For that reason, we’d like to include some of the best resources we’ve come across that will help you reach out to your kids who are battling this monster. 


And finally, we’d like to wrap up with a few words about and resources for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) movement that is really gaining momentum in reaching out to young people and providing a safe place for countless numbers of youngsters struggling with their own gender identity. 


That brings us to the end of this month's post.  Catch up with us again the first Saturday in June for our next post on ending your counseling sessions and wrapping up your ESL/EFL classroom for summer break.  As always, you can find out about our latest promotions, free stuff, or our counseling/ESL/EFL adventures by following us on our Facebook Page or Twitter Page or Pinterest Page.

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