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Thanksgiving Activities for ESL/EFL Teachers & Counselors!

Happy November!  If you are living stateside, I hope the fall finds you in a good place and the election drama hasn't been too hard on you.  For all the readers living abroad, hope you are enjoying this crazy show that the American electoral process is providing the world!  If you find that your students are struggling with all the election drama (or any kind of conflicts over disagreements in opinion, for that matter), click on the video image below to show your students  some positive food for thought!


So this post will be a short one because I have been swamped with both presenting at the Texas Counseling Association Conference in Dallas and with gearing up to publish my latest ESL lessons guide, ESL in the Middle, Volume 2!  Speaking of the Texas Counseling Conference, it was so wonderful to be able to share all my group counseling info with other counselors, but a TON of work and prep went into the presentation, so I'm feeling a bit "Whew!" that its all behind me.  See some photos of our group presentation below!



One of the students in my Culture Explorers class asked me recently, Cuando es el dia de pabo? (When is Thanksgiving?).  I get this question from my Newcomers every year about this time, so that is my own cue to line up some  Thanksgiving activities for our sessions!  In our ESL Survival Skills guide, we include a Thanksgiving booklet & funquiz for teachers or counselors to make with their ESL students to introduce them to this fabulous American holiday.  Whether you run cousneling groups for ESL/EFL students or you teach them cultural lessons in conjunction with your English lessons, knowledge of major holidays is such an important part of feeling comfortable and accepted within a culture.  It is a great way for newcomers to gain understanding of that culture.  Moreover, this is something all young nationals get as they go through the school system in their own culture, but our newcomers often miss out on this important cultural knowledge when they transition in after all the fun grade school holiday instruction is finished.   Here are some other Thanksgiving activities we've found that you might want to use with your ESL students...

Kids and Stress During the Holidays

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Managing Holiday Stress During Thanksgiving

Kids Talk about Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Flashcards

Free Thanksgiving Worksheets

Teaching a Thanksgiving Lesson Outside of the USA

If You Were at the First Thanksgiving


And finally, from Mark Parisi, a funny Thanksgiving cartoon for all the pet owners out there:


That brings me to the end of this month's post.  Check back here again next month for my post on  tips for being the best intern or intern supervisor you can be!  As always, you can find out about Bilingual Learner’s latest promotions, free stuff, or my counseling/ESL adventures by following my Facebook PageTwitter Page, or Pinterest Page.  And don’t forget to follow me on my new Instagram Page!

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