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Classroom Management in the ESL/EFL & Counseling Worlds...Plus Some Holiday Fun!

Happy Holidays to All!

In this post, we'd like to give you lots of fun, festive, holiday freebies AND give you our thoughts on the basics of classroom management- both as it relates to counselors and teachers.  You can access the freebies by leaving a comment with the number of your choice (see red details below) and then clicking on the green links, so we can get you access to our Goog Doc resources.  Let's begin with the holiday goodies...



Free Book Holiday Giveaway!  We are so thankful for our Bilingual Learner readers so we'd like to give you a little gift of thanks for all you do for your students and clients! For the month of December, when you order any product off our website @, we will send you another eproduct (PDF version) of your choice for FREE! Just be sure to send us a quick email after you make your Bilingual Learner order through Paypal on our website and tell us what second product you'd like us to send you for free and then we will happily send both products right to your inbox. We appreciate YOU!

With "newcomer" students who are brand new to the USA, we love to do a mini-unit on the different winter holidays celebrated in the US and around the world.  This holiday mini unit is part of our Cultural Explorers group (where we just finished the Thanksgiving in America booklet that was mentioned in the last blog post below).  In our holiday mini-unit, we first ask students what they know about popular winter holidays celebrated in the US and then we hand out this ESL/EFL Winter Holidays booklet.  We round robin read the packet with students, having them fill in the holidays in the blanks as we read along.  It's best to have a holiday word bank displayed for students to use as they copy the holiday words into their packets.  Once we are done reading/filling in the packet, students can then illustrate each holiday in their packet.  The following session, we have a  Winter Holiday FUNquiz where students can test their knowledge of the packet info and win a prize.   This winter holiday activity will be part of our next book in the Culture Explorers series, whenever we find some time to crank that one out!  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter (links at bottom of post) to get real time alerts of when our next Culture Explorers book, as well as other BL products, are available!

Here are some seasonal counseling resources that we've come across:



Classroom management is such a major aspect of effective teaching and learning.  The type of classroom management a teacher has will set their classroom tone and make or break student learning.  So, in all our work with student teachers and interns over the years, here's a list of the major tips we give on classroom management.

If you are a counselor, classroom management is an important part of your guidance or counseling lessons even if you are teaching them in another teacher's classroom.  When Counselor Stephanie first started out as a rookie school counselor back in 2008, she (feeling a little too confident about her classroom management as a teacher) thought she'd alleviate some teacher work load, and tell them they didn't need to stick around to discipline during her guidance lessons.  Mistake!  Big. Mistake.  She realized pretty quickly that while the kids followed her rules and accepted her consequences for misbehavior, they lost sight of how she could support them.  Her (inappropriate) role as disciplinarian, even in a short monthly 30 min lesson, seriously compromised they way the students interacted with her as a counselor.  In short, they weren't always comfortable coming to her for counseling help because they saw her as their disciplinarian, not as the non-judgmental, always-on-their-side school counselor.  Hmmmm....

Here are some fun and super informative classroom management resources that will round out any teacher's or counselor's toolbox...


In conclusion, we are signing off for the holidays.  We have lots of ESL/counseling products that we want to finish, start, and bury ourselves in, so we will take a little hiatus from our monthly posts until late January.  In the meantime, we'll leave you with some food-for-thought in the form of these great resources below:


BUT, ONE LAST THING!  We want your opinion! Take our poll by writing the number of the Bilingual Learner book you'd be most interested in using, in the comments area below:
1. The School Counselor's Handbook 
2. Anti Anxiety/Stress Reduction Group Counseling Guide
3. Academic Success Group Counseling Guide
4. Teach Intermediate English to Your Students
5. Teach Yourself English
6. ESL/EFL Grammar Structures and Songs Book





So, that's it from us until we see ya on the flip side.  Check back with us the first Saturday in February for our post on classroom management! Remember, you can access the freebies by leaving a comment with the number of your choice (see red details above) and then clicking on the green links, so we can get you access to our Goog Doc resources.  You can also find out about our latest promotions, free stuff, or our counseling/ESL adventures by following us on our Facebook Page or Twitter Page.


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