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ESL and Counseling During Thanksgiving

Happy November!

Our BL post today will be a shorter one because we are busy cranking out our Fall Eblast, which (if you are on our mailing list) will hit your inbox in the next week or so!  Look for all of the fab resources and freebies we've been saving up for you these last few months, plus a pro…

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Hallo Kitty and Spiderdog!

Happy Fall, Fabulous Readers!  For our October post, we have some super-fun Halloween/fall festival activities for ESL classrooms AND lots of ideas and resources on running school (or non-school) support groups.  A few announcements and then, off we go!

As always, we've included a lot of blue lin…

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Where There's a Goal, There's a Way!

We hope you had a very happy 3 Day Weekend to those of you celebrating Labor Day stateside...and to everyone else, Happy September!  So many new and exciting goings on here at Bilingual Learner this month, that we don't even know quite where to begin!  Since it is September and the beginning of a ne…

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The First Week Back- Photo Journal!

Well, Teachers and Counselors, it's that time of year again!  Time to dust off those shelves and unpack those boxes of new (and old) stuff!!  And if you're a counselor outside the school system, August is as good a time of year as any to clean out those office cobwebs and touch up with your latest a…

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ESL Summer Reading & Mrs. Obama

Happy Fourth of July!  If you are a dog lover and an American, you probably have experienced this puppy shaming to the right!  We are experiencing it right now-- all three of our furry friends are cowering under the desk as I write this post late Friday night.  As always, we've included a lot of …

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Tech in the ESL & Counseling Worlds

 Summer is almost here for us and our Stateside readers!  Hopefully, no matter what hemisphere you reside in, you are nearing a loooooong and well deserved vacay!  As the school year winds down for us here at Bilingual Learner, we find ourselves with some extra time to explore the latest tech tool…

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Spring is in the Air!

Happy Spring from Texas!  Our gorgeous wildflowers at Bilingual Learner are in full bloom, as you can see below!


As all of us in stateside schools finish up testing (Thank God!) and watch our students get squirrelly with Spring Fever, our thoughts turn to summer.  For counselors, th…

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Caught Stress Handed!! Feeling Words in the Testing World...



Ahhhh, the testing season is upon us!  We thought this Dr. Evil testing meme would be a great way to kick off our post this month on dealing with test stress and general anxiety. Whether you are a frazzled counselor trying to deal with the collateral damage…

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Winter Eblast & Sexting 101!

Good morning!  Today's post is going to be a short one because most of the resources we would normally put here will go out this week in our quarterly Eblast newsletter- more about this below.  As always, we've included a lot of links below as helpful resources- just click on the blue lettering li…

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Making It Work For Y-O-U!

Happy National School Counseling Week to all the SCs out there!  We appreciate you!  Here at BL, we always say that our posts are about the latest developments in the ESL and counseling worlds.  Well, in the last few months, there’s been a real flurry of activity on the topic of professional…

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We're (Almost) Back!

Happy 2014 Counselors and ESL'ers!

We are almost back to sharing our weekly Bilingual Learner counseling and ESL posts! Check us out here next Saturday to read our first post of the New Year about counselor/teacher advocacy and self-care.

Advocating for ourselves as professionals and taking care …

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Our Final 2013 Post!

You read it right, folks!  This is our last post of the year.  As many of you know from reading our previous posts or following us on Facebook, we are moving our office in December and January.  So, we will be super busy situating ourselves in our new home AND working on all our holiday/end of the…

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Success in School

Let the good times commence!  Here at Bilingual Learner, we are on vacayyyyyyyy!  Our "real job" in public ed has just gone on Thanksgiving hiatus for one whole, glorious week.  We hope you are just as lucky!  Anyway, this week's post is about working with chronically underachieving students.  These…

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El Dia de Gracias- in English & Spanish!

Happy November, Everyone!  We were so excited to see some actual fall colors in the trees today on our drive through Texas!  It got us in the mood for Thanksgiving (we even bought a pumpkin pie on the way home!), so I thought I'd include some ESL Thanksgiving activities in today's post.  We've i…

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Child Abuse Prevention and Girl Power! October came to a close, we wrapped up our Red Ribbon Week activities in our October guidance lesson.  And now we move into activities and info on Child Abuse prevention.  I've included a lot of links in this post as helpful resources- the blue ones will take you right to an article, video, or …

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Who is the English Language Learner?

Happy Belated Halloween, Noche de Brujas, Dead of the Dead, and  Día de los Muertos!  I had lots of fun with my students reading "In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories," which is full of repetitive scary stories with easy vocab and perfect for the Halloween season.  I also taught them the …

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Subpoenas and District Attorneys, Oh My!

Good evening...  Our topic today is the ominous  and rarely discussed...subpoena!  Two weeks ago, I was called to the front office see a sheriff's deputy waiting for me with a subpoena!  She informed me that first thing Monday morning, my presence was required at family law court, possibly to testif…

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Culture and ESL

Happy Saturday, Everyone!  I found the funniest bicultural comedian clip the other day and it got me thinking about the importance of addressing culture in ESL classes (or in counseling ESL students).   Here is the clip below from Youtube...Andrew Kennedy's Bilingual Clean Comedy-Hilarious!!!

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We're Gonna Change the World, We're Gonna Change the World!


Good morning!  And it is fabulous morning for us here at Bilingual Learner because we just put a contract on a lovely, 7 acre piece of land!!  Finally the search is over and we will soon be looking out over breathtaking views of central TX from our new home office perched atop a hillside!  Super…

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AArgh! Verb Tense Structures!!

Happy Fall!  It's our first night of cool, crisp weather in TX and it is glorious after maaaaany months of 100+ temps!  In my post today, I hope to shed some light on how to break down the overwhelming task of teaching all the rules/forms of a given verb tense as it appears in its grammar structur…

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