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Spring is in the Air!

Happy Spring from Texas!  Our gorgeous wildflowers at Bilingual Learner are in full bloom, as you can see below!


As all of us in stateside schools finish up testing (Thank God!) and watch our students get squirrelly with Spring Fever, our thoughts turn to summer.  For counselors, this might mean wrapping up your counseling sessions/lessons.  For ESL teachers, this might mean summer school.  So, we’ll expand on both of these subjects in this post.  As always, we've included a lot of links as helpful resources on these topics- the blue ones will take you right to an article, video, or product you can use and the red ones will take you to a freebie that you can download after you leave a comment below (once you leave a comment, the download automatically gets sent to you within a day). 


At my school, we are gearing up to work with our Newcomers over the summer to give them that extra push into language that will help propel them along for the next school year.  In researching some of our own summer ESL lessons, we’ve found two great sites to share! has lots of fun and free summer-themed ESL worksheets. has awesome ideas for how to set up, run, and assess your summer ESL classroom.  For an actual assessment that you can use to gage the levels of your ESL students this summer, check out our own @ -- just scroll down to #6 and you’ll find it right there.  Also, here’s two of the activities that we will be doing with our ESL students this summer,  coming right at you in the form of free downloadables from our brand new, soon-to-be- released teaching guide, ESL for Beginners Vol.3:


If you are in the counseling profession, this time of year brings lots of closure.  We wrap up guidance lessons and terminate individual/group sessions as students leave on summer trips or move away.  So, for this post, Bilingual Learner has included a few links and downloadables to help you with ending your sessions and lessons.  Here is a great link on how to end your counseling sessions with a student/client from Syracuse University School of Education.  We think there are many different ways to effectively wrap up your counseling sessions, but all should include discussions throughout counseling of when the final session will be and also discussion about how to make future contact with the counselor, if needed.   For all our groups and individual sessions we run, we have students fill out an evaluation during the last session to show us what they have learned, how they have grown, and ways we might improve our sessions for the future- here is the evaluation from our counseling guide Be Cool! - it is the group evaluation from this guide, but can easily be modified for use with individuals, too.  We use anonymous quotes from the session evaluations in our data presentations to school stakeholders to show them the power and effectiveness of counseling- you can see an example of this from the preview of our soon-to-be-released Girl World Group Counseling Sessions Guide coming out this summer.  If you would like to see the rest of our group and guidance lesson data tools, just click the “Group and Guidance Lessons Tools” icon link @   Alternately, for school-wide counseling programs, we have every student on campus complete this evaluation of our program and the lessons we have taught.  We also plot all the data collected in our student program evaluations on excel charts/graphs and present them as well to the school leadership team- we will be uploading an example of this in late May once we’ve collected all our lesson data.  While all of these forms work primarily as evaluation tools, we also use them as a sort of needs assessment for future lessons and counseling sessions since we work with many of the same students from year to year.



We have just finished our latest counseling guide- in both book form and PDF!!!  It is the Spanish/English version of Cope Into Hope: Grief Counseling Sessions Guide with Activities.  Look for more photos of it on our Products Page where it is available for purchase at a discounted price.  The book is also available on Amazon and at full price!



We had hoped to include some helpful resources and free downloadables on individual counseling in this post, but we are out of time…so look for this topic in a later summer post- we promise, it’ll be worth the wait!  As for this posts topics of ESL summer programs and counseling evals/needs assessments, we’d love to hear what you are using and doing, so please leave a comment below! Remember, we'll trade ya a comment for a freebie resource- comment below and we'll send you the code for the resources in RED above so you can download it for free from our Google Docs account.  Hope to see you back here the first Saturday in June for our next post on the newest technologies in ESL and counseling.   In the meantime, you can find out about our latest promotions, free stuff, or our counseling/ESL adventures by following us on our Facebook Page or Twitter Page.








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