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Let the good times commence!  Here at Bilingual Learner, we are on vacayyyyyyyy!  Our "real job" in public ed has just gone on Thanksgiving hiatus for one whole, glorious week.  We hope you are just as lucky!  Anyway, this week's post is about working with chronically underachieving students.  These are the kiddos who have the ability to succeed in school, but continue to fail their classes throughout the school year.  In our counseling office, we have been working all semester on getting these students on track so they are passing their classes and we use various strategies to achieve this goal.  It's so exciting to report that the stars have aligned this year and with the right mix of interventions (after many years of research, trial and error), we are finally seeing some consistent success with our underachieving students. Below is our program for helping students find success in school with links to helpful resources- click on the green links to take you right to a resource you can use!


The first thing we do is handpick the students to go into our group, which we call Get Your Goal On, since our program is applicable to any age group- elementary, middle, high, or even post-secondary.  The criteria for the student to be admitted into the group is quite specific: failure of two or more subjects, a desire on the part of the student to improve their grades, no chronic attendance problems, and no undiagnosed learning problems.  Of course, we have other means for supporting students whose absences or ability to learn interfere with their success in school, but that is a topic for another post.  Since this psycho-educational group is primarily goal-based and focuses on building good work/study/organization habits, it would be unfair to include students who cannot raise their grades no matter their goal or how hard they work because of learning or attendance issues.  Further, if the student does not WANT to improve their grades, there's not much we can do in this group know what they say- you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink!  We provide other supports for these type of students who are indifferent or resistant, but, again, that is a topic for another post. 


Once we have our list of potential group members, we send home the group permission slips and the first ones to return them go into the group (our counseling office ALWAYS has a waiting list for groups and we see A LOT of failing students as poverty and high stakes testing really impact our kids and their grades).  In my experience, it is best to run this group as a weekly, yearlong process, cycling the students through 3 stages: 

  • as a beginning group member who is mentored in group by a more "expert" member (for the first set of group members in September, the group leader can serve as the mentor)
  • as an "expert" member where they get their own mentee
  • and finally, after consistent success and goal achievement, the member is ready to exit the group


In order to facilitate our 3 stages model, I start with a smaller number of group members, spending a month or two to get them achieving their school goals and then gradually increasing the group by adding new group members where the "expert" original group members can mentor the new ones.  And after a month or two of this, I exit the expert members who are showing consistent improvement/ success in school.


Here at Bilingual Learner, we have a counseling sessions guide that details and provides materials/activities for all aspects of running this type of academic goal group!  Here are some of our guidelines for running each session:

  • Start each session by giving the students a report of their current term class/assignment grades that they have earned  with a copy of their goal they created in the last group session; members can also sign in at this time on their progress chart which is displayed in the group room  to keep track of their goal achievement and use of minilesson strategies. 
  • Allow students time to review their grade sheets and goal and then share with group a success (no matter how small) they have had with their goal.
  • Allow students to continue working towards their same goal or model for students how to create a new improving grades goal based on the low class grades on their grade sheets.
  • each group member reads their new or continued goal to the group
  • teach a 5-10 minute minilesson on study skills, organization, or good work habits
  • if time, play a game such as Great Grades BINGO to wrap things up in a fun way and keep the overall mood of the group very positive


There are so many more exciting aspects to share about facilitating a group like this, like the Zeroes Race, Best Binder Awards, and more- but of course we can't fit it all into one blog post.  So, I will sign off here with a freebie downloadable preview our Get Your Goal On Group Counseling Sessions Guide with Activities.  And that brings us to the end of this Saturday's counseling post.  Catch up with us again next Saturday!  We'd love to hear about your experiences in working with underachieving students/clients.


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So glad to hear that our resources can help you out! Feel free to use and share anything you find on this site.
All the best,

I plan on having an academic achievement group this fall incorporating some of these great ideas. I would love to use some of your resources.

You are so welcome, Jennifer and Chanel. Thanks for commenting!

I have been looking for information to help students who are boarder line and it looks like I've found it. Thank you for putting this together.

Thank you for sharing your resources.

Thx for your feedback, Carey. We just sent the Goog Docs off to you. Hope they are helpful!

I LOVE your blog and all your ideas! I have sent you several requrests for acces. Thanks for sharing!

Hi Judy!
Thanks so much for your feedback and we are thrilled you found this post helpful! Can you email us your email address @ and we will send you the Goog Docs you want? For some reason, we can't see your address anymore once we accepted you comment...

I love all of the things you have mentioned. Would it be possible to email some of the things, like the progress report, Grades Bingo, google docs to keep track of everything, building good work habits and organization. I hope you will keep giving us all this wonderful info and experience you have. I have learned a lot just by reading. Thank you in advance for whatever you can send to me.

Thanks, Courtney, for your kind words. I sent you the Good Grades Bingo that you requested. Let me know if you'd like any other docs in this post (you can just click on the colored link above). Happy Holidays!


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