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The Unstressables: Stress Management Group Counseling Guide
Goes perfectly with our school theme! So many resources that will save time. Thank you!



ESL Diagnostic Test

Great tool, I use it every time I receive a new student.


Excellent material!!!


I've just downloaded this tool and I quite like it.


Thank you this was really useful as I am trying to identify the level of my ESL students.


Thank you so much. This gives me a alot of detail of where my student is currently performing.



The Complete ESL for Beginners: Lessons Guide with Activities

My wife (twenty year ESL) teacher and I were looking for a high quality ESL program to teach in Oaxaca, Mexico. I found this program ordered it and love it! We were able to offer it to Fundacion En Via and they implemented it in their English program in several small villages around Oaxaca City. We were only there one month but we have received feedback from Nora the English Co-ordinator at En Via that the program is going well and the students love it! The really neat thing for them is they can plug in a new volunteer at any point in the program and even if the volunteer is new to teaching, all they need is provided in each and every lesson and it is easy to follow and deliver. It is like English-in-a-Box. It's all there!
If you are looking for a really great product to help you deliver high quality lessons to your English language learners, you should try this program.
Good Luck and Happy Teaching!



Thanks for giving me a great place to start!!


This packet includes a lot of great material for teaching beginning English. There are many lesson ideas, strategies and activities in the booklet. I like the songs, though as someone who doesn't know chords and musical structure it is difficult for me to know how they are intended to be I just make up the tunes!



ESL for Beginners: Grammar Structures

I used this as a basis for to keep my students on a structured and predictable schedule.



ESL for Beginners Lessons Guide with Activities: Volume One, Two, & Three

Great Program.


This is enormously helpful as I have a new ELD 1 student among a class of ELD 4s and it's super time consuming to create leveled materials just for him. This pack is beautifully done. One comment: I'd love the suggested flashcards from the appendix to be included so I could print and laminate them without having to type or handwrite them myself.




Great resource.  Thank you!


Had to teach ESL because no one else wanted to. I needed something to start with as a basis. This really helped me get my foot in the door.


Awesome Resource! Thank You!


Very flexible documents.


Os livros ... são muito bons para pessoas que começam a prender a língua Inglesa. (The books are very good for people that are starting to learn English).


This book has excellent ideas and quizzes for before and after the end of the class. Easy to follow format.  The book is set up for a formal setting rather than working informally with villagers. It still will be useful and it reminded me of ideas used when teaching ASL informally to groups who had a broad range of knowledge, education, previous experience and interest.
I will make use of much of it.

-Amazon Customer Judy

Great book. Lots of useful material. Helpful with flow of newcomer curriculum. Wish it was more than 4 weeks. Good insight into needs of newcomers.

-Amazon Customer P


Girl World: Group Counseling Sessions Guide with Activities



 I just started a girls group and this is perfect!



Where There's a Goal, There's a Way Individual Counseling Guide

Very thorough tool with many useful materials ! Could be foolproof...


Solution Focused Counseling, Thank you!


I've already used several times. Very helpful. Thanks 


Great resource, thank you!



Cope Into Hope Grief Counseling Guide

 Big fan of your bilingual grief counseling resource….just gave it the TES recommended stamp!


Great tool! It came in handy for a current group. Thanks!


Really helpful for my groups.



Be Cool Anger Management Group Counseling Sessions Guide

Thank you!  This will really help me!


As a new counselor, this book has been an incredibly useful resource for implementing my first anger management group at the middle school level! I like that each group session contains detailed, step-by-step instructions that help to ensure that all aspects of the counseling session go smoothly. I also appreciate the materials in the appendix, which are well thought-out and very helpful. The book includes systematic instructions for the entire process of conducting a counseling group, from setting up the group to analyzing data at the termination of the group sessions to support the counseling program. Highly recommended!

-Amazon Customer E


ESL Survival Skills: Exploring US Culture Session Guide




ESL for Beginners: Classroom Activities

Good resource for a change of pace ESL activities.


Thanks for the great resource!


Great for whole class use.


Great resource for ESL students.



Thanksgiving in America Bilingual Booklet & FunQuiz










Amazing stuff! I hope you don't mind, I posted this to the **** Facebook page.


Thanks a lot for sharing and enriching our ideas!!


Stephanie, thanks a lot for motivated me to develop the Facing Stress lesson using some of the materials published on Bilingual Learner....


 Very accurate.... and very nice touch


I like your fresh great ideas and your pedagogical fitness.


These are such great resources! Thanks for compiling and sharing.


Thanks for all of this great information. I plan to use it with both my students and teachers.


Thank you so much for sharing! Love your ideas and lessons.


I am really excited to incorporate some of your suggestions when working with underachieving students. I look forward to checking out your freebies :)


This is exactly the type of thing that I have been trying to get going at my school. Thanks for the ideas...


I am always looking for new ways to present stress relief to students. Thanks for sharing!


Great resources to help students - I'm trying to find ways to help our students reach graduation. 
Thanks for sharing.


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BILINGUAL COPE INTO HOPE: Grief Counseling Sessions Guide with Activities


ESL FOR BEGINNERS VOL.3:  Lessons Guide with Activities